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What is UI design?

User interface (UI) design refers to the visual design of a product’s digital interface, such as an app screen or website. It’s the process of designing the visual and interactive properties of a visual experience, ensuring the interface is both clear for the user to navigate and overall aesthetically pleasing. UI design is a multidisciplinary field involving various elements from visual design, UX design, and graphic design.

Users have become familiar with certain layouts and patterns. From the typography to the color, every aspect of a digital screen influences the user’s interaction, and satisfaction, with the app or website. UI design involves the complex art of arranging these elements to guide the user and keep cognitive load to a minimum while creating beautiful, unique experiences that bring the product to life.

UI design is so much more than making things look pretty—especially in today’s digitally-led landscape. Most good businesses recognize that exceptional UI design is vital for fostering brand loyalty, recognition, and trust. Customers no longer enjoy well-designed digital experiences; they expect it. In the absence of good design, users will inevitably flee to a competitor.

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