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What do UI designers do?

UI designers are responsible for ensuring the product’s interface is visually stimulating, easy to navigate, and in line with business goals. They’re also responsible for establishing visual consistency across a digital product through creating style guides and UI pattern libraries.

UI designers often work closely with user experience (UX) designers throughout the digital design process. While UX focuses on the optimization of a product for practical use, UI design is all about a product’s look and feel. UI designers will take the foundations laid by the UX designer—the wireframes, user mapping, and information architecture—and bring everything to life with a gorgeous color palette, typography, and shapes.

In order to design user-friendly and intuitive interfaces, UI designers keep accessibility and inclusivity in their mind at all times. They’re constantly weighing up each design choice and what it means for the end-user. UI design is all about detail, and UI designers have the complex task of considering all the visual aspects of the user’s journey, including all the individual screens and touchpoints that the user might encounter, from tapping a button to scrolling down a page.

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