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What are the most important skills and traits for a UI designer to have?

UI designers aren’t just responsible for creating beautiful interfaces. Every design choice, however small it may seem, has an impact on the user and their experience of the product. A career in UI design requires a mixture of both technical and tool-specific know-how together with certain soft skills. To give you a brief overview, some of the most essential UI design skills and traits include:

  • Proficiency in popular industry-standard tools such as Sketch, Adobe XD, Figma, and InVision

  • Knowledge of color theory, UX and interaction design principles, and typography (to name a few)

  • A keen eye for aesthetics and sharp attention to detail—to create harmonious, visually appealing designs, and to be able to spot when something looks “off”

  • An interest in people and human behavior. UI design ties in closely with user experience, so the best UI designers work with empathy, keeping humans at the forefront

  • A certain degree of tech know-how. In addition to working with computer-based tools, UI designers must understand how their designs will operate on different platforms, devices, and screen sizes. It’s therefore useful to be a little tech savvy (especially when liaising with developers)

  • Collaboration and communication. UI designers rarely work in isolation—you’ll collaborate closely with UX designers, product managers, developers, and content / UX writers, so interpersonal skills are a must!

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